San Isidro “Comfort Food”

Cocido Madrileño, Pablo Neustadt / ICEX

Cocido Madrileño, Pablo Neustadt / ICEX

Happy San Isidro!

San Isidro is almost upon us and the annual celebrations marking Madrid’s Patron Saint’s Day (May 15th) have already begun.

Chulapos and chulapas (people dressed in traditional folk costumes from Madrid) can already be spotted strolling through the city’s most historic districts and it is difficult to explore the city without stumbling over an open-air concert, small parade, or other such event.

The San Isidro bullfights are world famous, but still others choose to mark this typical holiday with a visit to one of Madrid’s most renowned casas de comida. These traditional restaurants are the best place to get one’s fill of delicious home-cooked food and to sample some of the Spanish capital’s most venerated dishes, including cocido madrileño (chick pea stew) and callos (tripe) (both of which can be found in our food glossary) among others.

Read more about these typical establishments in Madrid’s Home Comforts, on






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