The Cuisines of Spain, Regional Cookbook

The Cuisines of Spain / ICEX

The Cuisines of Spain / ICEX

One of the most wonderful things about living in Spain and soaking up incredible Spanish gastronomy is that Spanish food ranges from wonderful traditional cooking to the most Avant-garde cuisine in the world.

Classic culinary techniques like braising, roasting, stewing and poaching share the limelight with foams, liquid nitrogen, spherification and many other cutting-edge adaptations.

But after the video post earlier this month on how to make foams, I thought it only fitting that a little bit of time on this blog be spent talking about some of Spanish cuisine’s more traditional and classic techniques.

What better way to do so than by highlighting some of this country’s fantastic regional cuisine, which has also helped bring world-renown to Spanish food for decades?

The Cuisines of Spain, Exploring Regional Home Cooking, by Teresa Barrenechea and Christopher Hirsheimer (Ten Speed Press, 2005) does just that, highlighting around 250 of the most famous and (sometimes) most obscure traditional Spanish, regional recipes. Unfortunately this book is out of print but surely you could find it in libraries or in book websites.

Give it a try!


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