Iconic Spanish Food Company Conservas Ortiz

Spanish fish preserves. Conservas Ortiz

Tuna preserves by Spanish company Conservas Ortiz.

Its colorful designs are iconic, its products are of the highest quality, and its international success as a Spanish food company with more than one-hundred years of experience in the canning and bottling of high quality fish and seafood from northern Spain is unparalleled.

Who am I talking about? Conservas Ortiz, of course.

Founded in 1891, Conservas Ortiz is famous for its wide range of products that include the famous tuna or bonito del norte, sardines, ventresca (tuna belly), boquerones (marinated sardines), and a line of ready-to-eat red peppers stuffed with different things from the sea.

Despite its “vintage” packaging, Conservas Ortiz stays on the front lines of innovation in its field, also appealing to a wide range of palates with its organic and Kosher products.

Find out the full-story behind this top-notch gourmet Spanish food company in Conservas Ortiz: Preserving the Treasures of the Bay of Biscay!


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