2013 ICEX Training Program Participants

Toya Legido and Tomás Zarza / ICEX

Toya Legido and Tomás Zarza / ICEX

Congratulations are in order for the newly named participants in the 2013 edition of the ICEX Training Program in Spanish Gastronomy.

These ten young chefs, representing eight different countries, will be the latest international culinary professionals to take advantage of this exceptional program, which consists of twenty-one week educational training program that includes a six-week Spanish language and gastronomy training period, followed by a thirteen week internship stage in a renowned Spanish restaurant and a two week field trip around Spain.

This year’s recipients are: Zhou Mengxin (China, Peiyan International Education), Arnold Marcelo López Estupiñan (Colombia, Gato Dumas Colegio de Gastronomía), Laase Starup Petersen (Denmark, The National Culinary Team of Denmark), Crystal Williams (USA, Le Cordon Bleu Atlanta), Geneva Melby (USA, Seattle Culinary Academy), María Sierra (USA, Kendal College), Alischa Horsten (The Netherlands, Albeda College), Rajesh Kumar (India, Sunderdeep Institute of Hotel Management), Julie-Anne Finan (Ireland, The School of Culinary Arts & Food Technology), Rafal Wojtasik (Poland, The Academy of Hotel and Catering Industry).

More information about this program, as well as the list of alternates, is available – as always – on Foods From Spain.


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