April is for Apricots

Juan Manuel Sanz / ICEX

Juan Manuel Sanz / ICEX

April is the beginning of the apricot season and it’s about time! I love these delicately hued, wonderfully aromatic and easy to eat Spanish stone fruits.

Spain produces around 100,000 tons of apricots, or albaricoques, a year, of which around 30% are exported.

Try them in pies, jams, preserves, liqueurs, dried or even slightly stewed as the perfect sweet accompaniment for an Ibérico pork tenderloin.


4 thoughts on “April is for Apricots

    • Hi Orhan,

      in Spain there several apricot varieties are grown. Some of them are considered earlier varieties, which you can find in fruit shops from April on. Spanish apricot marketing season starts in April and lasts until November.

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