Step by Step

11.00 am. Miles Pundsack-Poe hard at work preparing his dish of Sheep’s milk with Oloroso, fresh almonds and olive oil… Good luck!

He has chosen great ingredients from Spain: Oloroso sherry wine, extra virgin olive oil, almonds…even sheep’s milk, traditionally used to make delicious cheese. Let’s wait for the dish to be ready, it should be delicious!


11.45 am. The judges deliberating on the winning dishes!

From left to right: Luis Rial (Santiago de Compostela Cooking School); Clara María González de Amezúa (food expert, writer and founder of Almabique Cooking School), Lourdes Plana (Madridfusión), Carlos Falcó (winemaker) and Antonio Morales (Casa de Campo Madrid Cooking School).

12.15 am. The jury starts to taste the different dishes prepared by the participants. Take a look at this one!

Freshness, flavor, nature…all together in one dish! The name of th recipe is “Sea and Land in Spain”. Who has cooked it? Masahiro Banno, a young Japanese chef who has worked in a Spanish restaurant in Osaka for 8 years before take part in ICEX Spanish Gastronomy Training Course.

Text: Adrienne Smith. Correspondent for ICEX’s Foods From Spain.


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