My Experience (41)

The question on everyone’s mind has been, what’s next after elBulli?
The answer will come from the Adrià brothers. But as the world waits eagerly for a reply, I got a hint and a little closer to finding out at Experience, 41 Degrees, which opened on the heels of their super hit Tickets, a classy, modern tapas bar right next to 41.

What is Experience 41?
What we are not doing, is cooking anything at 41 degrees.
This is a new venture from the great culinary master chefs, Albert and Ferran Adrià. This restaurant is very different, as these brothers always dare to challenge. Once again, they came up with a new concept that consists of serving a 41-course experience to the diners at this sixteen-person restaurant, located right in the middle of the busiest street in Barcelona (Catalonia). When the theater begins with a blend of visual imagery and sounds, the culinary demonstrations start at your table.
Are you here just to eat out?
Then you came to the wrong place. This place is for a food experience that goes far beyond eating. It is about feeling pleasure with your senses. You get a visual treat. Feel the flavors, touch the textures, smell the aromas and hear the sounds that tickle your taste buds.
Each course is as intense and imaginative as it was in elBulli, and it seems like a lot of research has gone into every detail of each individual dish on the entire, 41-course menu.
Where are the plates and what is on that rock?
This question popped into my mind when I saw the rocks, stones and marbles moving around on the waiter’s tray. It turns out that the food presentation captures nature at its best, where the ingredients are sourced, cooked and served naturally.
Carrot crackers are some of the nibbles…
The world on my plate….
The taste is familiar, it reminds me of my childhood. Yes, I was right! The flavors tickling my taste buds remind me of exotic spices and herbs from around the globe. You are on a culinary journey that might take you from China to Japan, and then from Mexico to France. The chef’s skills are definitely on high-pace here, as he produces wonderful delicacies from each country with such passion. My hat’s off!
This is a culinary journey to Mexico.
Are you thirsty?
Then suck your mojito, eat your daiquiri and crunch on your Campari glass. The amber looks so beautiful; it’s like a showpiece on a marble. I asked to one of the servers about it and he replied that it was not a centerpiece, but rather a shot of elderflower liqueur.
The extensive cocktail list is to die for, and you can see how the flavor combinations and surprisingly different textures will ignite your senses and mood. The menu has a wide array of innovative infusions inspired from around the globe, such as shiso, yuzu, elderflower and many more.
Wow! That was my reaction! Let’s see what yours is?
This has been my experience at 41 as a young chef doing my internship here as part of the ICEX scholarship program. This is such a great opportunity. ICEX hosts young chefs from around the globe and shows them what Spain is all about. Really, I feel extremely lucky to be a part of this program and to be representing my country of India.
Text: Dhruv Oberoi, participant in 2012 ICEX Young Chefs Culinary Scholarship in Spain.

Photos: Dhruv Oberoi, ICEX.

RestaurantsTickets (Barcelona) from March 14 – June 14 and Rías de Galicia (Barcelona) in August.


One thought on “My Experience (41)

  1. Thank you for sharing your wonderful gastronomical journey which I so enviously take in word by word . You describe your experience at 41 so beautifully , tingled my senses !
    Keep blogging !

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