List of Selected Candidates for the 2012 ICEX Training Program

The Selection Board has just published the list of the chefs candidates selected for the Training Program for Young Professionals in Spanish Gastronomy 2012.

As the ICEX note says: “Checked the documentation received from the Spanish Trade Commissions and once the evaluation criteria for selecting the candidates have been agreed, proceed to assess the candidates and to award the places.”

The 15 places planned for the 2012 edition were grouped into three geographical zones as follows:
– Europe: 5 places – America: 5 places – Asia and Oceania: 5 places.

And the selected professionals are:

1- Denmark: Lars Giuner Vacker.
2- Germany: Hannah Lindemann.
3- Russia: Mikhail Dunaev.
4- Switzerland: Christoph Aebersold.
5- United Kingdom: Samuel Squires.
6- Brazil: Priscila Deus de Oliveira.
7- Canada: Miles Raymond Pundsack-Poe.
8- Mexico: Javier Jiménez Pino.
9- USA: Jonathan L. Fisher.
10- USA: Joseph Nierstedt.
11- Australia: Michael Gerrard Hazlewood.
12- China/Hong Kong: Cheuk Wang Thomas Lam.
13- India: Dhruv Oberoi
14- Japan: Masahiro Banno.
15- Singapore: Kok Sen Chee.

A list of ten alternates was also announced:
Christoffer Sorensen (Denmark), Bernd Mantzsch (Germany), Eduard Luthi (Switzerland), Luiz Filipe Delalibera Jacob (Brazil), Ana Luz Cruz Ramírez (Mexico), Max Eli Kelman (USA), Kristin Irnving (Australia), Varun Bajaj (India), Kazuki Fukui (Japan), An Fu Immanuel Tee (Singapore).

Congratulations for all of them.

Javier Mesa
Editorial Coordinator

One thought on “List of Selected Candidates for the 2012 ICEX Training Program

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