And the winner is…. Ivan Berezutskiy

Ivan celebrates his victory

Hi everybody. It’s been nine months since the Programme started and we’ve lived together many experiencies and enjoyed so many different flavors. As Christofer and Jahan said in previous posts, the end was near… and what an end. The final cooking competition after hours and hours of efforts, laughs and lots of Spanish foods.

Last monday the Madrid Hospitality School hosted the ICEX “Flavors of Spain” Cooking Competition, a thrilling experience for those who had the luck to be there as expectators. We enjoyed watching you work in the kitchen, presenting your dishes and celebrating the end of this haute cuisine experience. You all did a great job… but only one of you could reach the final goal…. and this was Ivan Berezutskiy from Russia with his “Almonds, squid with almonds and apple”. Congratulations Ivan!!!
From left to right: Daiki Kana, Tan Cheong Thin and Ivan Berezutskiy.
The second prize was for Daiki Kana and his “Prawn from Denia”. And Tan Cheong Thin was awarded for his “Rock & Roca” dish, with red mullet with squid, shrimp tartar and green pea puree with Ibérico ham.

In the next days we will posting all the recipes and more photos of this exciting competition.

Javier Mesa
Editorial Coordinator

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