Kitchen Combat 2011

Jahan training for the kitchen combat 2011.

Well here we are folks, perched on the edge of history; the gripping conclusion to the 2011 program with the IV Concurso Internacional ICEX de Alta Cocina Española. As you can see I am mastering my kitchen Bushido, steeling my mind for the arena. Actually, right at this moment the competition is the last thing on my mind. Why? because this afternoon I have to present my dish for none other than Elena and Juan-Mari Arzak. Nervous anyone? If I can get through this the comp should be a breeze!
For you out in the fathomless inter-google-tube, here is a sneak peek at my concept….

A sneak peek from 'Bajo las Olas'

My dish is called ‘Bajo Las Olas’ and as you can probably gather it is a reference to my time here in San Sebastián.

As you can see in this picture there is big emphasis on colour and texture, and a fair bit of flavour too – Australians are big on flavour!

These are my soon-to-be-sad colleagues at Arzak and I have been busy wishing them farewell, they are a wonderful bunch of people, and I look forwards to seeing them again so we can drink kalimotxos and dance to Shakira. Yeeha!

Jahan's colleagues at Arzak
I will leave you today with an excerpt from my recipe description (in Spanish)……
La composicion del plato refleja un sentimiento de espacio, vitalidad, vida y libertad. Estos son cosas que asociamos con del mar, pero, lo mas importante, esto son mis sentimientos que reflejan mis experiencias con el programa ICEX.


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