Down under up top

This is me in the ICEX jacket.

Hello my name is Jahan Patterson-Were and I am from Tasmania, Australia. Before coming to Spain I was working in Melbourne at a restaurant/tapas bar called MoVida. Situated down a cobble-stone lane way in the CBD, MoVida is considered to be some of the best Spanish food outside of Spain. While working there as a Chef de Partie, I was lucky enough to cook for a host of VIP’s; movie stars like Robert DeNiro, and Willem Dafoe, as well as some of Australia’s top Chefs like Tetsuya Wakuda. However, it was the honest cooking of Executive Chef & Proprietor Francisco Camorra that really inspired me to look deeper into the origins of Spanish cuisine, and eventually pursue it as a career. So here I am, doing exactly that!

With Juan Mari Arzak.

I am lucky enough to be stationed at Restaurante Arzak, and I am sure you all know what that is, and who this guy is too. Juan-Mari is awesome. He treats his whole crew like a big family. Just the other day I was plating up some bogavante, and as he walked past he gave me a big Hi-Five! how sweet is that?
Also, I am really grateful to be in the Basque region. I find it fascinating how one region can be responsible for both time honoured classic dishes, as well as pioneering cuisine and avant-garde food trends. I suspect this will not be my last visit.
Now, as much as I love exploring this city, and all the seemingly endless culinary fruits that it has to offer, I think it is important to travel a little and soak up the culture so…..With the San Fermines crew.

This is myself and some colleagues from work at San Fermines, and I have to say WOW! I have never seen a fiesta like this before – the magnitude of this festival exceeds anything I could have ever imagined! So much dancing, and wine, and bocadillos, and what was that drink called….. kalimotxo!!!, I can’t wait for the next one.

In my spare time I like to surf, and I have had plenty of spare time, and there has been plenty of surf, so I am a very very happy man. Yesterday I took the Eusko train up the coast towards Bilbao, to a sleepy riverside hamlet called Mundaka. MUUUUUNDAAAAAKAAAAAA……..

Spain’s premier left hand break, Mundaka is famous the world over, and, as you can see, I am pretty chuffed to be there. To my complete luck, the wave was breaking just like I have seen in so many surfing videos, and the level of surfing there was phenomenal! Dream come true.
So as each week here seems more amazing than the last, I can’t imagine how it can keep getting better. Oh wait, Festival de Just starts in a few days – I saw them setting up the stages on the beach today, as well as the jazz festival this weekend, and maybe I will go to Hossegor on tuesday, or book a table at Etxebarri, or……… stay tuned folks!

P.s if you would like to see more colourful photos (and some colourful language!) you can visit my personal blog at


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