Bye Bye!

You have shown me your best sides from the beautiful landscape to the cute old towns. I´ve seen your best winery, your cheese producers, the free range farms full of Ibérico pigs, baby lambs and cows and veal’s. I´ve seen your history and your contribution to the modern art. I´m looking back at these three months and realize how much I´ve experienced but also how much more I would like to see. Where those three months went? I´ve no idea because it felt like it was yesterday I arrived. I remember my first day in the restaurant as one of the most uncomfortable days in my life when enter a new restaurant with almost no Spanish. I felt ridiculous, frustrated and like a five year old kid again. The first couple of weeks were tuff, not tuff in the way of the job like Noma or The French Laundry, but more frustrating. It takes more energy to focus on the language at the same time as you´re learning a new kitchen and the people that are in it than working fifteen hours a day. But day by day I developed my skills a lot – language, gastronomy, wines and culture.

Christofer with José and Toño
I´ve learned a region that was almost unknown for me before I came to Spain. I´ve seen the amazing produce and how wide the range of products is. The best jamón you can find and the quality of the other meats, some of the best olive oils in the world, the aromatic pimentón from La Vera, the smelly cheese Torta del Casar and the more light hard one from Ibores. I´ve been enjoying the fresh cherries from the valley of Jerte and least but not last I´ve seen the best restaurant of the region.

Atrio have given me a memory for life. Memories mostly positive but also negative experiences. With its amazing building and the interior of Scandinavian design. The natural colors in a mix with contemporary art it didn´t take me long until I loved this house. The details in the design, the furniture from the most famous Scandinavian designers made me feel a touch like home, the special edition plates from Raynaud by Thomas Keller raised my memories from The French Laundry and the most amazing wine cellar ever seen was like taking a kid to a candy shop – I wanted all!

I have been trying almost every plate on the menu, I´ve had a great weekend with my parents here, I´ve been enjoying the winetasting’s from the cellar with José. I´ve been learning the gastronomy from here and the style of chef Toño. I’ve been laughing, crying, bitching and joking with you all. We´ve been drunk together at the “Feria de Cáceres”, we´ve had a lot of fun together and we cooked hell a lot together. Huge thanks to all of you guys at restaurant Atrio – I´ve to move on in the program and time to hit Galicia and my new restaurant Casa Marcelo in Santiago de Compostela. I´ll always remember my three months at Atrio. See you in the future!

Christofer Johansson

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