Sweet Cherry Lips…

Well…..Wake up chef and realize the moment you´re in! Far away from sweet red cherry lips and stacked in a kitchen when the sun is burning outside. When people is getting a nice tan I´m standing there with my pale Scandinavian skin and doing the thing that I love the most. To create, to cook and to serve fabulous produce prepared into fantastic food. Each produce have its main season and we´re at the moment hitting the perfect moment for the sweet little berry. Another famous produce from Extremadura and I took the opportunity to buy a bunch of them from a lady in the street. For 1 euro I got a kilo and went home with an idea to create some casual and easy recipes for you all. Hope you enjoy them!

Cherry mash Ice-Cream


Vanilla Ice-cream

300g cream, 35%
300g Milk, 3%
1 vanilla
6 eggyolks
180g sugar
1 gelatin leaf, soften in cold water

1. Split the vanilla and scrape out the seeds into the milk and cream
2. Bring milk and cream up to boil, let it rest for 10 min
3. Whisk the yolks and the sugar into a white fluffy foam
4. Add the milk and cream and bring up to 85*, add the gelatin
5. Cool down and run in an ice-cream machine
6. Mix when finished with the cherry compote and you have the Cherry mash ice-cream
7. If you don´t have a machine for ice-cream, buy vanilla ice-cream and mix with the compote

Cherry compote
500g cherries
200g cherry liquor
130g brown Muscovado sugar
1 bay leaf
1 vanillia
Zest from ½ lemon

1. Take out the pips from the cherries and add all ingredients into a pot
2. Bring up to boil and cook for 10-15min until the cherries are soft
3. Let it cool and mix later with the ice-cream, save some compote for serving

Serving: I here made a sandwich! Put the ice-cream between layers of optional wafers. Serve with the compote and some toasted nuts like almonds.

Cherry tonic

2 cl gin
4 cl cherry liquor
6-8 fresh cherries
1 cl lemon juice
Lemon zest
1 teaspoon sugar

1. Mash the cherries, sugar, lemon and zest in a highball glass
2. Fill it up with ice and add the gin and the liquor, stirFill up with tonic and serve with a fresh cherry on the edge.

Christofer Johansson


One thought on “Sweet Cherry Lips…

  1. Hi Christopher,

    have you tried to cook a dish of Spanish meat (Extremadura veal, for example) adding a sweet ingredient such as cherries from Jerte?

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