The Calm After the Storm

A procession in Cáceres

After eight days in a row in the kitchen I really enjoyed a day off. A day to recharge the batteries and get new energy. We´ve had a busy week with lots of clients during the Easter holiday and I´ve experienced my first Spanish “Semana Santa”. With its processions when people literally is standing on each other along the streets to see the march. The smoke from the aromatic incense stayed like a fog during the week and the male voices singing to the sound of the ringing bells was like an echo. The importance of the traditions of the religion is much more important here then back home. I also had my first tasting of a typical pastry for the holiday – Torrijas. I´m not a big fan of fried pastries but nice and crispy – and a new experience of my expedition of Spanish gastronomy. Unfortunately because of our busy schedule not get a chance to try other typical plates of the holiday. But I´ve had a great week and looking forward to next when my parents are visiting and I will have some extra days off to explore the area more.

During my day off I took time to paint down some ideas that I got for the final contest of the program. We haven´t got all details for it yet so still have no idea if there will be a budget? Time limit? Number of plates? A basket of produce? Or if we`ll be able to choose the produce ourselves? What´s for sure is that it will be something extraordinary if we get time enough to prepare. A dish that will impress and show what I´ve learned here in Spain with a touch of my philosophy of food – Creativity!

Next time I´ll make some typical Swedish recipes with a Spanish influence, until have a great week out there!

Christofer Johansson

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