Guadalupe in the Middle of Nowhere

We finished last time on our way back from Madrid and de Salón de Gourmets. A trip of almost three hours along the dry landscape of La Mancha and Extremadura. Mainly covered with farms of olive trees, and closer to Cáceres miles after miles covered in oak trees where the Ibérico pigs are having a delicious dinner. A dinner that later will be even more delicious dinner for us.

Real Monasterio de Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe

But halfway back from Madrid we took off from the highway and drove up through an amazing landscape. A small bandy road among hills and valleys. Steep slopes covered in olive trees and small houses probably home for the farmers. Harmful and beautiful trip before we drove in to Guadalupe, a small town with a long religious history. Holding one of the oldest and most important clusters in Spain with a collection of religious pieces from 14th century and forward. Real Monasterio de Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe or The royal cluster of Santa María since the 1993 on the Unesco list. A magnificent building that still is mostly intact from its origin with lots of paintings and interiors from the time it was built. A guided tour took us around from part to part through its history and importance in Spain. A popular place for religious tourists, especially these times when we entering Easter holiday.

We also had lunch in a restaurant whose building is an old cluster today restored into a hotel and restaurant but still have the character of its original shape. Some snacks of Ibores cheese, a cheese made from goats in the region protected by the D.O. A fish dish with cod, a meat course with pork and vegetables before we finished with a tasting of three desserts – chestnut, cream cheese ice-cream and a toasted almond cake. Great lunch served with a great bottle of Dom Ruinart Champagne made this trip excellent. An hour later we´re back in Caceres after a great journey in Madrid with lots of new impressions and a bag of lemons that I got from the garden of the restaurant we had lunch at. Enjoy my recipe of fresh lemonade made from the fresh lemons. Perfect as a refresher in the sun!


This tree provided our lemonade's lemons

6 lemons
1 Yuzu
2 l water
250g sugar
10 leaves of mint
15 leaves of lemon verbena
30g ginger, in thin slices

1. Wash the lemons and the Yuzu and peel with a peeler, squeeze out the juice
2. Bring water and sugar up to boil
3. Add the lemon and Yuzu peel, the juice and the herbs.
4. Let it cool and macerate to the next day. Serve with ice and if you want a dash of rum.

Christofer Johansson

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