Artichoke Creation

I finished last time by telling you that I bought a large bunch of artichokes for cheap money. We are getting in to the main season of a product that I usually have a distance to. First of all it´s a product that takes time to prepare and a lot of it goes straight in to the bin. They are in general too expensive for us up in Scandinavia, and not very fresh when they arrive, so that´s another reason why I don´t use them too much back home. But when I now have the opportunity to use super fresh, high quality ones for a bargain I love to experiment with the flavors. Christofer's artichoke with marcona almond creationI´ve been in love with the Marcona almonds, lightly toasted and with a touch salt the keeps the daily company with a cup of coffee. But I thought they should be great with artichokes so I tried to prepare a small dish, like a starter, with artichokes, toasted almonds and lemon/brownbutter. I slowly cooked the artichokes in brine with chicken stock, lemon, thyme, bayleafs and butter. I also sliced some in thin slices and fried them in oil. The almonds became a toasted almond puré, I also served it whit hole toasted almonds. I try to use every part of a vegetables and animal if´s possible so I took the peel from the lemon and made a confit in thin juliennes. I fried the butter in the pan until it´s brown and developed the nutty toasted flavors that are so delicious before I add the lemon juice.

The mix of tender, delicious artichokes with the crispy almonds, the toasted flavors in the brown butter and the acidity from the lemon made a perfect match in flavors. Delicious so I really recommend you all to try at home.

Christofer Johansson

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