Spring like summer

New days come and new days go, from one to another and they are running through fast. I have now been in Cáceres for three weeks and almost one third of my period here. I came when the weather was rainy, windy and quite cold. I mean not cold cold like the weather back home where it was snowing last day. But everyone here complained when it was 10-16 degrees. My Scandinavian genes said something different and I felt quite comfortable with it. But so suddenly it flipped over from nowhere. It came over a night and it´s here to stay.

Spring is here, or should I say summer is here? It showed 27 last day, so with my pale Scandinavian body I took the chance to enjoy a day off by walking in the sun. But quite soon I had to search for the shadow and I´m not sure if I will survive the summer with heats up to 40, but will see. It´s good for the restaurant then when it attracts tourists to town and it felt like we had a touch more guests this week. This week we also had a table of Swedish guests so I got the chance to share my great experiences in Swedish for once. I mean I have been speaking like a five year old kid for the last couple of weeks but I develop my Spanish for each day so next week I hopefully grow a year up to six!

The days in the kitchen is going well and I feel comfortable with the routines and the dishes that I prepare in the cold section. But my Spanish prevents me to improve so at the moment my biggest issue is the language and that is frustrating. It prevents me from learning new things about the Spanish gastronomy and it prevents me to learn the guys things from my experiences and the Nordic cuisine.

This week the new Michelin guide for main cities of Europe came out. Not very interesting with no chocking news. Noma didn´t get three stars which a lot of people thought they should get. Stockholm is still the only town in Scandinavia with two two-starred restaurants and we still waiting for the first three-starred. We got one new one-starred in Gothenburg and one is lost because one restaurant switched owner.

Sunny whishes from Cáceres, time to cook a great meal with the fresh artichokes I bought for a euro/kilo the other day. Incredibly fresh and so cheap…delicious. Cheers!

Christofer Johansson

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